Chairman's Message

The Pakistan economy continues to be healthy, with positive indicators such as a strong growth rate, rising foreign exchange reserves and a booming capital market. Your Company also performs strongly and creates a sound platform for growth. 

Overview on present market
Strong economic growth has brought in a new set of Pakistan consumers. The booming young adult population with unprecedented levels of disposable income is more conscious of the latest trends and fashion. Enhanced media penetration and greater connectivity are making consumers more knowledgeable and discerning. These factors are rapidly changing the needs and aspirations of consumers. With schedules getting tighter, convenience has a major influence on purchase decisions. The sector is already gearing up to enter new categories with fresh marketing plans to change the consumerís mindset. Favorable macro-economic factors like rising disposable incomes, changing consumer preferences, willingness to spend; have led to consumer upgrading. Companies have increased their promotion and advertising budgets to drive volumes in an increasingly competitive market. By investing behind brands, players have witnessed an increase in demand and in turn earnings growth.

Our strength
Your Company continues to be amongst the fastest growing FMCG companies. We are currently the second largest tissue paper player in the country with our JASMINE brand being the second largest selling brand in tissue papers. We continue to introduce new brands and variants across all our categories. 

Outlook Your Company continues to perform well. Our strategy going forward will be to build on the strong growth platform we have created in the previous year and drive growth for our stakeholders. We will also explore both organic and inorganic opportunities so as to enhance growth and deliver value. I express my thanks to all our stakeholders for their continued support. I look forward to the same in future.